Po latach nie stu: After Years Not a Hundred

Emily Dickinson’s poetry attracted me with the distance it shows towards the world, and with the courage in the use of words for her poetic imagery. Eternity and immortality are not banned, death is not feared.

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Letters From Over the Fall muse on morphophonemics,

the letters and sounds of language.

The statistic Helen, though intent,

wasn’t born Hippolyta to befriend:

in common such a little bit,

ha’p’orth so petite …

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Language mapping

The long and the short of hundreds of pages about
the tenses really can become just four prepositions, ON (Simple), IN
(Progressive), TO (Perfect), and AT (Perfect Progressive).


Poetry in translation

John Kohanovsky deserves the name of the true Bard of the Polish language

Ruthless the empties you did to my abode,

Dear Orsula mine, with this disappearing yours …

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