The Letters From Over the Fall is a poetry project to try a morphophonemic approach.



The True Adelina

The Attentive Berenice

The Argentous Cesira

The Glossy Dannalee

The Poetic Edda

The Principled Francene

The Wieldy Gail

The Statistic Helen

The High Ida

The Frisky Jae

The Larkish Kay

The Intent Lyla

The Engrossed Mai

The Conscientius Noa

The Cogitative Ora

The Prudent Paulene

The Bright Qiana

The Recondite Rema

The Sophic Salome

The Earnest Teresa

The Unabashed Ute

The Vagabond Venus

The Dualistic Wilma

The Variant Xiomara

The Moderate Yvonne

The Incontrovertible Zana

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