‘Letters From Over the Fall’ is a poetry project to muse on morphophonemics, the letters and sounds of language; existent some few years now.

It has become part a book of short verse, ‘Marvels for a Wednesday Dawn’: a book of 14 pieces intended not to make too much of an expectation on time as well as place, hopefully able to entertain sometimes, and to inspire thought about language on the other hand.

The lighter marvels are mostly humorous pieces on language and human nature: Mermaid contemporary, If, A tale of progress, Bob the Walker, and Evolution as the world knows it.

The heavier bits would be more linguistically complex to touch on the evergreen themes of poetry: life, language, love, and death.


The wieldy Gail:

Gemutlich with Wilma, dreary on the Zoe
the wieldy Gail:
quite a stoic, not at all antiheroic…

The principled Francene:

Worthy of a regard flirting in the beguine
although reckoned part a conjecture
(the fact itself not frequently lectured)…

The statistic Helen:

The statistic Helen, though intent
wasn’t born Hippolyta to befriend:
in common such a little bit
ha’p’orth so petite…

[memolane lane="teresapelka" width="550" height="400"]

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